Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hidden in plain sight

I haven't written in what seems like forever. I used to write over at a little joint called Windows Live Spaces, maybe you remember it? I had a good run of 5 or so years, but the longer I had that space, the stranger my flock became until soon I was spending more time [not]answering questions people demanded I answer, deleting spam comments left in some foreign characters, fending off jealous misguided suitors mistakenly believing I was some lonely desperate housewife looking to be swept away or peeking at my e-mail through nearly closed eyes due to an influx of penis pictures some assholes felt compelled to send me.  I tried to write because writing soothes my soul and eases my mind, but the bottom line is, it became more trouble than it was worth and soon, time escaped me, the flock found other victims and I finally faded from memories and bookmarks.  That's when I finally had some time to breathe deeply and recover.
     I miss writing. I missed it everyday. I miss writing for me and not concerning myself with who's going to need to be held after I post a flaming rant of death or who's shrew of a wife/girlfriend/allegedly "female" online only love interest is going to have a hissy fit worthy of middle school drama club because her man is fawning or jacking off over something I wrote. I'm controversial, at times obnoxious, intelligent, thought provoking, arousing, irritating, amusing, bitchy, judgemental, oftentimes just mental, kind, mean, silly, serious, and scarily comforting. I'm everything you never knew you always wanted. I'm me, and I'm back.


  1. Welcome home!! So glad you'll be to us again! I've missed you, Aimes..

  2. Ok I finally made it here.
    I'm not going to write what I have written to you about 3 times already so what I'll say is let 'er rip! Unless of course there is a bean dinner involved. I won't be sending you any "personal pictures" least until I get a least a 12 mega pixel camera.
    I hope you know I'm kidding.


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