Thursday, November 25, 2010

On being different

     Today, in America, is a "holiday" called Thanksgiving. Most of us have been spoon fed a homogenized version depicting Native Americans and Invaders Pilgrims sitting peacefully sharing a meal together. If you've never been inclined to do a bit of research or are a person who prefers to remain blissfully unaware you might want to stop reading here. Before you get your granny panties all in a twist and accuse me of trying to suck the joy out of your holiday (again), fuck off.  It always seems to be acceptable for everyone to have their own opinions as long as they don't differ from the popular. I've been called difficult and opinionated and stubborn for years, I think  for myself, read, ponder and form my own views, popular or not, so I'm OK with whatever names you want to call me.
     There are several versions of the origin of Thanksgiving, history was, after all, written by the winners, right? Here's a little something I found. I wasn't present at the original "Thanksgiving" table, so my dislike of this holiday comes from a purely personal place and a dislike of masquerading as something I'm not, but I have found numerous accounts of the massacres and atrocious acts that occurred around the time of "Thanksgiving" and found that little article interesting. Do your own research, see what you find. It's fun!
     What I never have understood, and I have asked my own mother multiple times, as she claims to love all the "traditional" Thanksgiving lies foods and keep trying to shove the convoluted "it's about being with family" line of bullshit down my throat, then why don't you shove stale bread up a carcass' ass in July and spend time with your family whenever possible? My mother generally stammers and stutters until she finally gets pissy and simply says, "why do you have to question everything, why can't you just accept things as they have always been?" BECAUSE I'M TOO INTELLIGENT!
What sort of person thinks it's preferable to mindlessly follow? HolymotheroffuckIhopeI'madopted! I also know for a fact that my mother hates her own siblings, or is "money grubbing soulless vultures I hope to never see again" a term of endearment? Anyone? I also know that my parents wouldn't drive down to watch my son & I compete in our karate tournament but 2 weeks later they drove down with the intention of watching my nieces subsequently rained out softball tournament. Being with family my ass. 
     I am thankful, I am grateful and I am appreciative, but I don't wait until the 4th Thursday in November to SHOW that. And no, logging into your facebook page to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving is NOT showing your friends and family that you are thankful they are part of your life. Bringing them soup when they are sick, writing them a letter, yes writing, on real paper, holding their hand, kissing their foreheads, wrapping your arms around them and holding them against you, making them something with your own hands...those are a few ways you can SHOW your loved ones how thankful you are for them.


  1. And then I ummm... I wish you wouldn't hold back! Say what you mean! Don't beat around the bush!

  2. Yes I do worship your magnificent wickedness! I am like the moth darwn to the flame. I cannot stay away. I hope I don't get burned. Well you can burn me a little.


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