Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating Mediocrity

    My [insert offspring, spouse, sibling, pet of choice here] just [insert mediocre task here]! I'm so sick to death and trying not to puke on my own face proud! He/she/it is so  painfully average amazing! Does anyone else wonder why American society has taken to praising mediocrity and giving kudos for performing such ordinary tasks as drinking tea or walking upright without dragging one's knuckles? Why must folk abuse the words "proud" and "amazing"? While I'm on the subject, why doesn't  anyone harbor a desire to find creative and original ways of celebrating TRULY impressive accomplishments?  I believe it's due in part to the "everyone makes the team" mentality and deep rooted fear of failing or disappointing people. If I were afraid of failing, looking stupid, disappointing people or Goddess forbid, offending folks,  I would never get out of bed each day. Yes, I'm a bitch. Get over it.
  There are droves of sheeple wasting hours of their and frankly my time posting their MaryFuckingSunshine versions of their lives in an attempt to make themselves seem to be, well, quite honestly, to make themselves appear to be what they feel society wants them to be. It's sad to see all the folks [virtually] jumping up and down and waving their arms as they scream, "Look at me, Look at me!" So your whothefuckever read a book. Whoopdefuckingding! Did posting it on facebook really cream your twinkie? Are you getting all the praise you desired and more? Does your whothefuckever even read your facebook or is this for all of our benefit? Does it really matter if your dead relatives would approve? I mean really, they're dead. Yeah, that's what I thought.
     How about if you go out and do something really spectacular? Just try. Nut up, man up, shut up or fuck off. Seriously.
     The bitch is back folks, and the world as you know it is no longer safe.

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  1. I guess I missed this post. Well it's not really a guess. However I didn't miss it completely cause here I is. This was a very good post. I suppose everything you wrote about could be blamed on political correctness. We don't want to offend anybody anymore. Everyone is wonderful and perfect. I wish I had written this and I might of back in the days of Spaces but I had a much different group of followers then. The group I have now are more sedate and I really can't let loose sometimes like I would like to without, guess what offending some people. I'm glad you are still around and we have sort of reconnected. Thank you for your visit. I appreciate your writings and find them interesting and amusing. Just like the old days. Maybe we can speak on the phone some day. I still have your number or at least a number.
    Cioa Amy.


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